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Dentistry is changing. Current dentists have the potential to be in a very powerful position and benefit from current business trends. Are you prepared to catch the wave?


Success looks different to every individual. A clearly defined vision generates power, opportunity and personal momentum.


Maximize your skills and combine them with a team of experts brining proven processes and technology to propel your business to the next level.


The dental space is consolidating. Are you positioned to benefit from these powerful business trends?


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Arch Dental Partners

At Arch Dental Partners, we understand that every dental practice is unique, and our mission is to provide tailored support solutions that meet the specific needs of each practice. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with our partner dentists and their teams to provide a comprehensive suite of support services that are designed to streamline practice operations, enhance patient care, and improve practice profitability.

We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our partner dentists, and our goal is to help each practice reach its full potential. Whether you are a solo practitioner looking to scale, or a multi-location dental group seeking to expand your network, Arch Dental Partners has the support, expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.

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A Doctor’s Path

7-10 years. Dental school is difficult and expensive. It requires a huge sacrifice of time, effort and money. The average student graduates with over $300,000 in student loans. Once graduated, you realize there is so much more to learn. You have more time than money. You are striving to build a reputation, increase procedure mix and provide excellent patient care.
This is the stage where your schedule is full, you feel confident in your abilities and are making enough money to pay debts and provide for your growing family. You have built a good reputation and are feeling confident in the future. You have a good balance of time and money. You are balancing work, family life and civic or religious responsibilities. You feel pressure to grow to service the needs of your patients.
Your reputation is now feeding patient referrals. Your staff love you and are referring their friends. You show up earlier and run harder trying to keep up. You enjoy dentistry and caring for others but struggle to find the time to keep your eye on all the balls. Money is not the issue in this stage, time is! You either draw upon your spouse to help oversee, or you place a lot of trust in your office manager and pray she never leaves….you don’t have time to train a new one. You may worry that you don’t even know how to train a new OM anymore!
You cannot possibly continue to grow! There is only so much of you to go around. Do you want to work this hard for the next 20 years? You feel a responsibility to your patients to be there for them. You must choose to enter phase 4 and begin to duplicate yourself and grow a dental business or move back toward stabilization and lose patients, reputation and profits! It is so expensive to bring on a new doctor, how do I structure a contract, I don’t have the space, I can’t live on half the production, can I trust someone else with my patients? The list of worries is endless. Many dentists live in this world for most of their career
You either sacrifice more time outside of the office and learn business skills, you hire a consultant or you partner with Arch Dental Partners to add the experience to guide you through duplication. This is a critical point where you begin to be an entrepreneur, not just a doctor. You choose to develop leaders around you. You give up some control to gain more control. You learn to trust others and become a better leader. Your influence grows as you take your experience and train others. You are invigorated by what you are learning from others and can’t believe it took you so long to make “the decision”. This phase is full of new challenges that require you to learn and grow.
Your focus turns to creating passive forms of income. Your dental business has grown to the point that you are making more of your money from dividends. Your income is no longer tied only to your fingers in mouths. You are the CEO of your business and have a team of experts helping to manage your business. You have a clear vision and view key performance indicators and financials as tools to effectively manage your organization. You can take a vacation and not worry about the day to day of the office.
You have built an organization that is driving Net Profit to the bottom line. Your practice is no longer valued as a dental practice based on last years collections, but is valued based on a multiple of EBITDA like any other business. This multiplies your options for future retirement. You now have the option of maintaining equity with passive income into retirement or transacting at a premium to create financial security. You are grateful for the events that led you through “the decision”.
You have become an influential leader and can freely effect others quality of life, including your family’s. You have built beautiful relationships with other like minded people through your struggles to success. You have achieved your “have, be, list” and mentor others in the process of success. You have become a person of influence.

Arch Partner Story

How It Works

There are countless reasons why a Partnership with us is the best choice, but here you can learn about how we’re different.

What Makes a Good Partnership?

We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships that maximize powerful business trends while helping both partners and employees excel.

In order to determine whether or not the partnership will be successful, we conduct a process called a “Gap Analysis” which allows each party to determine where the practice is currently and its future potential to help each party enter the partnership with full confidence. It will also give us the opportunity to get to know one another and create a common vision and strategic plan to accomplish our unique goals.

What Our Arch Partners Are Saying

My financial well-being has never been better. Not only has the Have, Be, Do list helped my wife and I focus better and plan for things rather than reacting to them, but we are making more than we ever have. It's been fun to be able to start saving some of what comes in, and to plan for a brighter future because of ARCH's help.

Bradley Sutton, DDSMultiple Practice Owner

My short dental life has been immensely better because of ARCH. The ability for me to start my career with such good backing is truly amazing! The transition into dental practice ownership and being a new dentist has been SO much less stressful because of the capabilities of ARCH and a HUGE thanks to Sierra!

Brandon Call, DDSPractice Owner

I love seeing Tonya come into our practice. She is always smiling and willing to jump in and help us with whatever. She is so kind to bring in little motivational gifts to our staff members. I appreciate her very, very much.

A.J. Proctor, DMD, MPHPractice Owner

I love my association with my friends and family in ARCH.
I have worked as a solo dental practice owner for 14 years, the last 3 of which have been as an ARCH partner. I have not had a single 2nd thought about that decision!

Steve Sutton, DDSMultiple Practice Owner