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Doctors partner with Arch to harness the power of dental trends.

Success Stories

The dental industry is changing.
We partner with dentists to navigate those changes.

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How We Operate

We believe in win-win partnerships

Arch offers a comprehensive suite of non-clinical support services including group supply purchasing, staffing management, accounting and finance, marketing, and more - essentially everything you need to operate one practice or ten. Learn more about our services below.

Comprehensive Financial Management

Accounting & Finance

A full accounting team that works with your practice and manages payroll, benefits, accounts payable, tax services, and more.

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Tell Your Brand Story

Everything is Marketing

Arch Dental Partners helps you create a marketing plan, creative media campaigns, website design that converts, social media, mailers, radio, and everything needed to attract and retain high-quality patients.

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People are Your Greatest Asset

Human Capital Management

A full accounting team that works with your practice and manages payroll, benefits, accounts payable, tax services, and more.

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Perfect Your Customer Service

Arch University

Arch University is where your team learns all aspects of running a successful practice. Learn the Arch Patient Experience, Leadership Development, and everything your practice needs to efficiently and effectively grow.

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Know Your Metrics

Arch Dashboard Insight

We track all of the major metrics for your team so that you know how your practice is performing. Financial, marketing, and practice metrics give you a comprehensive, real-time view of your practice. Practice management with eyes wide open.

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We Are Stronger Together

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What Our Arch Partners Say

My financial well-being has never been better. Not only has the Have, Be, Do list helped my wife and I focus better and plan for things rather than reacting to them, but we are making more than we ever have. It's been fun to be able to start saving some of what comes in, and to plan for a brighter future because of ARCH's help.

Bradley Sutton, DDSMultiple Practice Owner

My short dental life has been immensely better because of ARCH. The ability for me to start my career with such good backing is truly amazing! The transition into dental practice ownership and being a new dentist has been SO much less stressful because of the capabilities of ARCH and a HUGE thanks to Sierra!

Brandon Call, DDSPractice Owner

I love seeing Tonya come into our practice. She is always smiling and willing to jump in and help us with whatever. She is so kind to bring in little motivational gifts to our staff members. I appreciate her very, very much.

A.J. Proctor, DMD, MPHPractice Owner

I love my association with my friends and family in ARCH.
I have worked as a solo dental practice owner for 14 years, the last 3 of which have been as an ARCH partner. I have not had a single 2nd thought about that decision!

Steve Sutton, DDSMultiple Practice Owner